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LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v2 - LEED 2.0

Digital Realty Mexico redIT PBB & TKD's


Last certified on: Dec 30, 2013
(Awaiting performance data)

The Macrocentro Tultitlan redIT building is a data center facility requiring a highly-regulated environment to protect the computer room data processing, to enhance the staff working environment, and to provide necessary redundancy to key infrastructure support systems.

Tultitlan is primarily an industrial suburb of Mexico City, Mexico, about 30 km north of the heart of the city. The project is located in a developing warehouse complex, taking advantage of existing building types that may be re-adapted to suit the needs of a data center facility.
redIT is a technological real estate company dedicated to providing data centers using environmentally-friendly solutions. The design team worked with the Client to establish a level of certification for sustainability, service provision, and reliability of uninterrupted electrical and mechanical systems that were appropriate to meet their needs. By working with the Contractor, the design team was able to take advantage of local methods of construction and local products to keep costs down and to support the local economies.
In a conscientious effort to limit energy use inefficiencies, the computer room is supported by mechanical infrastructure that takes advantage of the year-round ambient climactic conditions that Mexico City offers.
By using “free cooling” with roof top units, for instance, the heat rejection systems work in a compressor-less mode, vastly reducing energy usage while providing air at temperature and humidity levels suitable for use in a data center environment. The design team utilized specific plumbing fixtures and systems to reduce water usage by at least 30% and reduced lighting power density 25% below the standard baseline.
The steps taken by the design team to reduce energy consumption, the facility not only reduces its resource intake, but it also reduces it Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), an important distinction in Data Center circles. PUE is a measure of how efficiently a computer data center uses its power, specifically, how much power is being used for the prime purpose of data processing versus how much power is used to cool the equipment and the operations of the rest of the building. By following strategies to meet LEED certification, the team was also able to reduce its overall PUE, a benefit for the Client and any future Tenants.

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Project details
70,697 sf
Data Center/Commercial Office
Dec 30, 2013
Data Reporting
Energy Update
Water Update
Transportation Update
Waste Update
Human Experience Update

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