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LEED Certification Deadlines


LEED Certification Deadlines

As new versions of the LEED rating systems are introduced, earlier versions are phased out so that we are constantly pushing for the transformation we aspire to.

At any given point, LEED rating systems are either:

  • Open for registration and certification, or
  • Closed for registration, but open for certification, or
  • Closed for registration and certification (sunset)

How long do you have to register or certify? Use the table below to find the registration and certification deadlines for all LEED rating systems. Learn more about LEED deadlines in the Guide to LEED Certification for Commercial projects or Homes.

Projects pursuing LEED volume certification, should also reference the Guide to LEED Certification: Volume supplement.

Rating system

Registration close Certification sunset
New Construction v2.2 6/27/09 6/27/15
Core and Shell 6/27/09 6/27/15
Commercial Interiors 6/27/09 6/27/15
Existing Buildings 5/31/08 8/31/14
Schools 6/27/09 6/27/15
Homes 10/31/16 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 6/27/09 6/27/15
New Construction (and Italia NC) 10/31/16 6/30/21
Core and Shell 10/31/16 6/30/21
Schools 10/31/16 6/30/21
Retail: New Construction 10/31/16 6/30/21
Retail: Commercial Interiors 10/31/16 6/30/21
Healthcare 10/31/16 6/30/21
Commercial Interiors 10/31/16 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 10/31/16 6/30/21
Neighborhood Development 10/31/16 6/30/21
Homes Midrise 10/31/16 6/30/21